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September 2020

Let it burn, baby!

I was watching the news of the day marveling about the frequency and intensity of the forest fires that are raging throughout the West Coast (between the fires,mud slides and earthquakes, does anyone else have doubts about the sanity of living there?) Every year you hear about people losing homes and valuable acreage to raging forest fires that with our current level of technology we have no hope or ability to truly stop. Often, the best we can hope for is to contain them until they burn themselves out.

It is often heartbreaking to see the victims on the news crying after losing homes, or cursing God and anyone else who will listen about their misfortune. The sad truth is that this always happens whenever we try to battle nature. The reality is that these forest fires are nature’s way of cleaning up the brush and undergrowth that chokes our forests. Trees die and fall in the woods and lay littering the ground along with leaves, dead grass and other highly combustible pieces of nature. In doing so, they choke out the ability of new growth to anchor and root strongly, thus limiting life in the woods. Nature’s solution to this is the forest fire, a force of destruction used by nature to clear the old and make way for new life to grow. Textbook definition of neccesary evil if you ask me.

And the crazy thing about it all is, no matter what we are ultimately destined to fail. We are merely delaying the inevitable; the harder that we fight the worst it gets every year. We put out the fires and the amount of combustible material grows and grows, getting deeper and deeper, forming larger timebombs just waiting to be ignited. We continue to develop new innovative ways to put off the unavoidable, because at some point nature will win. It always wins. Nature doesn’t care about your four-bedroom cabin in the woods, or your newfangled ski lodge, or any of the other treasures hidden off in the woods. Nature care about life and rebirth, and sooner or later, the purge will come.

I’m just saying…

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