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September 2020

Supreme Court says cops can put it in your mouth if they want to… and I’m glad!

After a great deal of rhetoric and a split decision by the highest court in Maryland, the way was finally cleared for police to be able to take a DNA swab from anyone that they arrest for a serious crime.  This is a practice that is currently being followed by 28 states as well as the federal Government.  I say, it’s about damn time, why don’t the other states get on board, and why aren’t we swabbing damn everybody that gets nabbed; serious crime or jay-walking.

 I don’t even see what all of the hoopla is about.  I agree with the Justice that equated the swab to the fingerprinting and photographing process that all arrestees go through.  I find the thought comforting that people suspected of crimes will have their DNA entered into a national database that will help police identify perpetrators of past and future crimes.  I just don’t think that it goes far enough.  Let’s swab everyone that gets caught up in the net.  If you were dumb enough to leave your DNA at that pawn shop that you robbed last year and get picked up tomorrow for shoplifting, then it serves you right that we can now link the two.  Or that we can now prove that you were involved in that drive-by shooting in 2005.  Or were in the room when the mother of 3 was attacked…

 Isn’t the goal always to solve cases and get criminals off of the street?  This change seems like a great step in that direction.  I say that anyone that gets photographed and fingerprinted should get swabbed too.  Let’s get DNA on all of the low-lifes and potential low-lifes, even if they end up being innocent…of this crime.  After all, 28 other states have no problem letting the police put it in your mouth…

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